New Beginnings

September 23, 2013

As my first entry, I would firstly like to say Welcome! For those of you who have viewed my website before, you will see that I have completely re-vamped it; I hope it is now easier to navigate! 

Please make sure to also view any upcoming events and event details under my "Events" tab! I will be having a show during the 2nd week of October and can't wait to post the details! Please save the date for October 11, 2013 :)

As you can see, I've named this journal entry "New Beginnings" because the last few months of 2013 has been just that! I've had so many changes in my life  & am thankful for all of them, good and bad. I've reflected a lot of these changes in my new pieces and have been overwhelmed with the creative thought process.  So many ideas, new techniques I've been approaching & some hard core experimentation with new mediums and surfaces. 

Along with my paintings, I've been in the process of re locating, writing music and will be getting back in the studio to record some new tracks for an updated demo. I also sing, and can't wait for this creativeness to overflow and show in who I want to represent myself as a singer/songwriter.  

Lastly, I just can't wait to see where all these changes take me. I can't wait to post photos of my new work, photos from my upcoming art show; both before and after, and some of the new photography I've been working on.

Thank you again for reading my first entry and I can't wait to keep you posted with everything NEW that is upcoming!