Tomorrows "Show Day"!!

My mini pistachio cupcakes are in the oven & I'm wrapping up the wiring of my last two paintings. Let me say, the last two weeks have gone by way too fast!!

For some reason I'm more excited than nervous! After all, painting is a form of self expression & it's something that nobody can tell me I'm wrong at.... these are my ideas & my love going into these pieces :) What I love most is knowing what each painting means to me, but conversing with others & listening to them tell me what each piece means to them; it's so interesting....

So, most of these pieces I've been working on non-stop the last 2 months. I haven't had a show in over 8 months and just loved getting back into my "studio". The last few months have been long 5-11 hour days (aside from my day job) and I couldn't be more happy spending that time with a brush in hand! I'm just so fortunate to be able to invest in something I love to do and share it with others :)  I'm proud of all my work and ecstatic to share all of my new paintings with everyone!

Well, thanks for viewing &  I hope to see you at the show tomorrow :)  View my "Events" tab for details or click this link for the e-vite!!!